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A horsecar of the New Orleans City RR approaches Esplanade from N. Rampart Street, circca 1864.  The car could be on the Esplanade line, in which case it will turn to its left and proceed out Esplanade to Bayou St. John; or it could be on the Rampart & Dauphine line (later called simply Dauphine), in which case it will turn right and go in to Dauphine Street, then proceed down as far as Poland.  Notice the plank walkway between the rails to provide footing for the horses (or mules) even in rainy weather that would otherwise make footing difficult.  The man standing next to a little booth (for protection from the elements) is probably there to set the track switch for the cars.  The neutral ground is narrow for a double track, but room has been made for trees. Marshall Dunham photograph, LSU Digital


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