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New Orleans City RR car 97 in a car barn, probably either Magazine Shops or Arabella Station.  This was one of the 1894 Brills, seen on its original Brill 22-E maximum traction double trucks.  This car was part of an order of 50 cars, numbers 66-115, placed with the J. G. Brill Co. in February 1894, for delivery in June and July.  Later, this class of car was changed to a single truck, because the maximum traction trucks were prone to derail in New Orleans.  Note the Magazine route sign and, hanging below the platform hood, a removable wooden sign saying Station Only.  We see quite a range of people: the very serious motorman standing at attention at his controls; the uniformed and non-uniformed company men standing in the doorway and by the side of the car; the sweeper with his broom; and a derbied gentleman with two children sitting inside the car.  One can even make out some of the advertising signs inside the car.


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