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Builder's photo from the Brill Co. of car 233, one of the group of “1894 Brills” numbered 230-239, part of order number 5521, delivered to New Orleans in January and February 1894.  Car 233 was originally intended for service on the Canal Street line, as indicated by the label on the side of the car: “Canal St. and Cemeteries”.  Below is painted the name of the company that owned the car: “N. O. C. & L. R. R. CO.” — New Orleans City and Lake RR Co.  The cars were ordered by New Orleans Traction Co, which owned the NOC&L and the Crescent City RR Co. at this time.  We see the original Brill 22-E maximum traction trucks, with the smaller “pony” wheels on the inside rather than the more usual outside position under the car.


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