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A view of the Mississippi River levee.  The location is not stated, but there seems to be a leftward curve ahead in the river, which would put this picture somewhere near the eastern (downriver) boundary of New Orleans, near Chalmette, looking upriver.  Postcards are known marked “Levee at Chalmette” having very similar pictures.  The presence of a streetcar at the right side of this picture suggests that we are looking at a car on the N. Peters St. trackage approaching the American Sugar Refinery, on the Dauphine line.  (Eventually, this trackage would be part of the St. Claude line.)  The streetcar is an early “Palace” car with an open platform, which dates the picture to between 1901, when the first “Palace” cars arrived in New Orleans, and 1905, by which date all open platform cars had been rebuilt with closed platforms. — Underwood & Underwood


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