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New Orleans & Carrollton car 84, probably in the Carrollton Station car barn, August 8, 1896.  This was one of the last pre-Ford, Bacon & Davis cars bought by that railroad, a group of six cars, nos. 83-88, acquired from St. Louis Car Co. the previous year.  Instead of solid sides with windows, these cars were open, with wire screens for the safety of the passengers, and curtains that could be pulled down in case of rain.  Note the open wicker seat backs.  The cars clearly were intended to provide passenger comfort in the hot, humid summers of New Orleans.  The glass in the side of the clerestory shows “St. Charles Ave”, while the name “Carrollton” is painted on the lower side of the car behind the car number.  The conductor on the front platform with his coat open is John William Stroud.  The other men are unidentified.  About 1903, the bodies of these six cars were rebuilt by being spliced together to create long trailers for West End and (later) Spanish Fort train service. — Jeff Junker collection


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