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In the upper photo, New Orleans & Carrollton car 145 is taking its layover on the outer track at the foot of Canal Street, probably some time in the 1910s.  This was one of the first group of FB&D cars, purchased by the Canal & Claiborne RR in 1896 as numbers 25-49.  In 1899, the C&C was bought by the NO&C, and the cars were renumbered 125-149.  We see the 145 after its vestibules had been enclosed in 1904, and after it had been converted to Pay As You Enter operation around 1910 note the dash sign “Pay Conductor On Entering”.


The lower photo features New Orleans & Carrollton car 152 standing in the car barn yard with motorman and conductor at the ready to begin its day's run, probably also in the 1910s.  It is signed for the Claiborne Ave. line (i.e., North Claiborne), both in the clerestory window and by the hanging sign on the dash.  The car barn has not been identified with certainty, but seems likely to be the Urquhart car barn, home for the Claiborne line.  This car is one of the second order of FB&D cars, delivered to the Canal & Claiborne RR in 1897 as numbers 50-59.  In 1899, when the C&C was bought by the NO&C, the cars were renumbered 150-159.  Like the 145, by the time of this picture, their vestibules had been enclosed, and they had been converted to Pay As You Enter operation.


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