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"1894 Brill" car 218 of the New Orleans City & Lake (NOC&L) on the Magazine line, some time before 1904.  Cars 216-229 were ordered in 1895.  With their 8 windows, these were the largest cars on the NOC&L when they were new.  They were delivered with Brill 22-E Maximum Traction double trucks, but in this picture, 218 has exchanged those trucks for a single truck.  One of the crewmen, perhaps the motorman, is Simon Cahill.  (The original photo has been seriously damaged, as can be seen, but the photo is rare enough that it is shown in its current condition.  Efforts are in progress to try to Photoshop the image into better condition.) Courtesy of Thomas Kimbrell, great-great-grandson of Simon Cahill


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