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Single truck car 241 is seen here at the back door of Arabella Station car barn, about 1917.  The photographer is standing in Constance St.  At the left rear of this picture, we can see part of a Brill semi-convertible car.  Note the large Herr fenders on each end of car 241.  It is riding on a Lord Baltimore truck.  This car appears to be one of the group of FB&D cars numbered 230-244, built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1900-1901 for the standard gauge New Orleans lines, such as the St. Charles-Tulane belt line.  By the time of this picture, the car appears to have been regauged for the wide gauge lines, because Arabella Station was exclusively a wide gauge car barn.  The change in gauge probably took place in 1915, when the 400-series double truck cars arrived in New Orleans and displaced FB&D cars from the St. Charles-Tulane belts.


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