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Single truck cars 213 and 293 are on Jeanette Street at Carrollton Station car barn.  Carrollton Station was originally standard gauge, as it housed the standard gauge St. Charles and Tulane cars.  About 1920, some wide gauge and some double gauge track was laid at Carrollton, because the Southport Shuttle track which ran next to the car barn was wide gauge.  (Carrollton Station was converted to wide gauge when the St. Charles and Tulane belts were converted, in 1929, but dual gauge tracks survived there until quite recently.)

Car 213 was one of the standard gauge FB&D cars 160-229 which the New Orleans & Carrollton acquired in 1899 from American Car Co. of St. Louis.  Originally equipped with open platforms and gates protecting the entrances and exits, the car vestibules were enclosed in 1904 as mandated by Louisiana law.  The cars were eventually changed to wide gauge.  It is not clear which gauge trucks were under the car when this picture was taken.


Car 293 was part of a group of ten wide gauge FB&D cars, numbers 290-299, ordered by New Orleans Railway & Light Co. in 1906 from the American Car Co.  It may be here at Carrollton Barn to serve the Southport Shuttle route; there surely were few wide gauge cars at this car barn.  Note the large Herr fenders on each end of both cars, unfolded in the front (at the left of these pictures) and folded up at the back.  The cars are riding on Lord Baltimore trucks.


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