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Single truck car 394 is passing an early bus, August 20, 1929, on N. Broad St.  The Peter E. Courtin Grain Co. in the background was located at 1409 North Broad St.  Note how the tracks on N. Broad were on the edges of the neutral ground, not in the center.  Car 394 is equipped with a Lord Baltimore truck.  This car was one of the last group of single truck cars ordered by a New Orleans company.  They were built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1910 as numbers 355-404, although cars 400-404 were eventually renumbered as 350-354.  They ran almost exclusively on the Prytania line, and were therefore usually referred to as “Prytania” cars, until they were succeeded there by double truck cars of the 800 class in 1923.  Some cars of the series were retired at that time, with a few retained, mostly for owl car service, into the 1930s.  The bus is at the inner terminal of the Gentilly Road bus line.  It would have started its outbound run by going one more block and making a U-turn. — Teunisson photo, collection of Earl Hampton


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