Picture 1-11.

“Prytania” car 363 is serving the St. Bernard line, a leg of the Broad line.  This group of cars mainly served the Prytania line (hence the name “Prytania” cars), but were sometimes seen on other lines.  800-class cars took over Prytania in 1923, after which some of the cars in this group were retired, though apparently they were not scrapped.  Hennick does not list 363 as one of the group of “Prytania” cars which was retained after 1923, and this picture appears to be from the later 1920s, so it seems that the car was recalled from its initial 1923 retirement.  The St. Bernard line was not returned to service after the 1929 strike (see Group 15).  As a leg of the Broad line, St. Bernard cars ran up N. Broad to St. Peter, in to Dauphine, up to Canal, one block on Canal to Burgundy, down to Dumaine, and back out to N. Broad, then down to St. Bernard.  Tracks on Broad and St. Bernard were in the neutral ground.  This picture could have been taken anywhere along St. Peter, Dauphine, Burgundy, or Dumaine Streets, probably within the Vieux Carré.


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