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Car 314 is seen here c. 1897 or 1898 in front of a car barn, probably Magazine Barn, which later became a principal shop for the streetcar system.  The car is lettered for the Crescent City Rail Road Co., and in very small letters, for the New Orleans Traction Co., which in 1892 had taken over the CCRR and the New Orleans City & Lake RR (formerly the New Orleans City RR).  The CCRR name is repeated in the side glass of the clerestory.  The front clerestory glass probably displayed the route name, but it is not visible in this picture.  The windows are arched in the style of those built by the Brill Co.  The people in the photo are unidentified.  The man at the controls, and his companion on the front platform, both dressed in suits, are probably high officers of the company.  Two of the men visible in the car windows are wearing uniforms, and are perhaps the motorman and conductor assigned to the car.  The other men could be dispatchers, foremen, shopmen, etc.  The identity of the children is anyone's guess.  Note the gutter construction, which runs underneath the exposed rail.


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