Pictures 2-0.5, 2-0.6, 2-0.7, and 2-0.8.

The top picture features car 899 on the West End line, probably some time in the 1940s, paused at the crossing of the New Orleans Terminal (now part of the Norfolk Southern), located about a half mile north of City Park Avenue/Metairie Road.  The second photo shows car 910 at the same crossing.  This area was known as East City (even though it was on the west edge of New Orleans).  After the close of the West End line, car 899 was used in the dismantling of the line, after which the car was itself scrapped.  The third photo shows car 925 at the crossing on October 3, 1949, perhaps heading in the opposite direction, since the background looks quite different.  The bottom view looks east across the New Basin Canal, and shows an inbound West End car just after passing the crossing, December 3, 1949. Otto Goessl photos (third and bottom)





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