Pictures 4-1 through 4-4.

The top picture shows car 916 at the Magazine line terminal.  The car has just arrived from the right.


The second picture, from about the same angle, features the motorman standing on the step of car 930, as another car begins its downbound run at the far right.


In the third picture, car 954 and another car await their turns to pull up to the stub track, which is just ahead of 954.  A motorman or conductor is stretching his legs before returning to his car for its next run.


The fourth picture features car 941 in approximately the same location.  Note the NOPSI kerosene hand lantern in the left front of the picture.

The first three pictures were taken June 10, 1947.  The fourth is undated, but probably was also shot in the 1940s. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos (top three)


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