Pictures 4-5, 4-5.5, and 4-6.

These three pictures were taken from the other side of Magazine Street, looking toward the river, the opposite viewpoint compared to the previous pictures.

The top picture features car 928 awaiting its turn to pull into the stub terminal and reverse the car for its return trip.  The Magazine Street roadway in the foreground appears wet from one of the city's frequent rain showers.  We have just a glimpse of the trolley coach wires overhead for the Broadway trolley coach line access from Arabella Station.  This undated picture was probably taken in the late 1940s. Amandus Drewes photograph


The middle picture shows car 923, which has pulled into the stub terminal.  Both trolley poles are up as the crew reverses the direction of the car.  The pole at the left, which will be the front of the car when it sets out on its trip downtown, will be pulled down momentarily.  We can see the roof and bench of a shelter for waiting passengers, at the far right.  This picture is a bit older than the others in this group.  The car roof is a light color, perhaps intended to make the car cooler in summer, and it has a black stripe down the center, to mask sparks from the trolley wheel.  This roof paint scheme was used briefly around 1938.  Note also the frosted glass car number in the first window behind the front door.  This feature was gradually dropped in the 1940s. Collection of Leo Sullivan


The bottom picture stars car 926, which has pulled into almost exactly the same position as car 923 in the previous picture.  The motorman is raising the trolley pole to reverse the direction of the car.  Note that the roof is now a single, darker color, and the frosted glass number panel is gone.  This picture is undated, but was probably taken in the 1940s.


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