Picture 6-1.

Freret was one of the later streetcar lines to be started.  NOPSI created the line September 7, 1924 using portions of the old Carondelet and Clio Lines.  It ran as far uptown as Broadway.  Originally, it also ran on Broadway from Freret Street to S. Claiborne, but the portion of the line on Broadway was given up to the early Broadway trolley coach line November 30, 1930.  This picture shows Perley Thomas car 902, apparently at the end of the line on Freret at Broadway, probably in the 1940s.  The crew has changed ends, and the car is facing the “wrong way” on Freret Street, awaiting departure time for its next trip downtown.  We see the conductor with his left rear door open to the sidewalk to board any last minute passengers before departure, when the car will take the crossover ahead of it to switch to the downbound track, and the conductor will change his door controller handle to operate the right-hand door.  Freret was converted temporarily to motor bus operation December 1, 1946 while trolley coach wires were strung.  Trolley coaches took over the line September 4, 1947.


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