Pictures 9-5, 9-5.5, 9-6, 9-6.5, 9-7, and 9-7.5.

These pictures show S. Claiborne cars in the stub track at the very end of the line.  Cars pulled up here to change ends and load passengers for the return trip down to Canal Street.  Changing ends means that the trolley poles are changed (the raised pole must always trail the car) and the seats are reversed, and the motorman and conductor swap positions in the car, thus reversing the direction of travel for the next run.

In the first picture, car 877 has passed over the switch and is still facing upbound.  The car is now facing the curve connecting to the S. Carrollton tracks, from which it could proceed to Carrollton Station.  The activity visible in the foreground appears to be the construction of the terminal for the bus line which replaced the streetcar line in early 1953.  That would date the picture to late 1952.  Note the Katz & Besthoff drug store on the corner, visible behind the streetcar.  This was a long time New Orleans chain store, well known in the city and surrounding area.  This store building included doctors' offices on the second floor.


The second picture depicts car 965 after it has pulled into the stub track and changed ends.  The motorman is completing the process by hooking down what is now the front trolley pole.  A couple of boys have taken the coveted spot in the right front window, from which to enjoy the ride downtown; one is wearing a Boy Scout hat.  The date is probably around 1940. Joseph P. Russo photograph


The third picture, from the late 1940s, shows car 969 after it had pulled into the stub terminal and changed ends, ready to depart on its next trip. D. R. Toye, S. J., Kenner Train Shop (Chris Rodriguez) collection, courtesy of Mike Palmieri


The fourth picture shows car 926 on July 13, 1941, and the fifth picture, taken March 14, 1949, shows car 959.  Both cars are facing downbound, after having pulled into the stub, changed ends, and then pulled forward to load passengers.  Car 926 has just started loading, and car 959 has completed loading and closed its doors, ready to depart downbound.  At the far right edge of the fourth picture, one can see the pole and crossarms for the trolley wires on S. Carrollton Ave.



The bottom photo, probably taken around 1951 or 1952, features car 800 on a rainy day at the stub terminal, waiting to load more passengers until departure time.  The motorman is taking a break, standing on the front steps of the car.  (During the 1940s, cars 800 and 877 would not usually have been assigned to S. Claiborne service; this would be more likely after the S. Claiborne line was moved in 1948 from Arabella Station to Carrollton Station and Napoleon Yard.)


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