Picture 9-13.

The uptown end of the S. Claiborne line was at the unusual intersection of S. Claiborne and S. Carrollton Avenues.  Probably only in New Orleans would two major avenues both designated “South” intersect each other.  It happens because, while both cross Canal Street (the dividing line between “South” and “North”), Carrollton runs in a completely straight line, while Claiborne bends to follow the crescent of the Mississippi River.  At the terminal, the upbound track curved across the neutral ground, connecting to the downbound track in a single-track stub terminal, which continued in a curve to connect to the tracks on Carrollton for access to the car barn at Carrollton Station.  (It seems surprising that the track didn't simply curve back on itself to form a loop rather than a stub terminal.  There was certainly plenty of room.)

Car 947 is at the end of a line of cars waiting their turns to pull forward into the stub terminal, change ends, and load downbound passengers for their next trips to Canal Street.


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