Picture 9-36.

The portion of the S. Claiborne line that was not on S. Claiborne Ave. was mostly street running, inherited from the earlier Clio line.  After leaving S. Claiborne Ave., downbound cars followed Erato St. to Carondelet, which they took to Canal Street.  They made the loop that St. Charles streetcars still take, from Carondelet to Canal to St. Charles and back to Howard Ave. at Lee Circle, then went out Howard to S. Rampart Street and up to Clio to return to S. Claiborne Ave.  Except on Howard and Canal, this was all street running.  In this 1949 photo, we see car 954 downbound/inbound on Erato, just passing Magnolia Street.  The curve in the foreground was the connection from Magnolia to Erato for downbound Clio cars, until that line was discontinued in 1932.  The car is quite crowded, with some passengers forced to stand on the rear platform. Walter Broschart photo


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