Pictures 9-44 and 9-45.

After leaving Canal Street, S. Claiborne cars followed St. Charles Street to Howard Ave. at Lee Circle, then took Howard to S. Rampart Street.  (For some years in the 1920s, the line used Julia Street rather than Howard from St. Charles to S. Rampart.)  The upper photo follows car 953 at it leaves Canal Street and begins its run up St. Charles Street, about 1952.  The lower photo shows a 1949 view of S. Claiborne car 957 upbound/outbound on St. Charles near Perdido Street. Walter Broschart photo (lower photo)

Older roll signs on the cars listed both N. Claiborne and S. Claiborne route selections.  Later, long after closure of the N. Claiborne line, some cars on S. Claiborne displayed route signs saying simply Claiborne, with a blank space where the S should have been, such as car 964 in Picture 9-14.  It seems likely that those rolls were wearing out, and the N had been blacked out on the less-used N. Claiborne sign.  Still other roll signs showed Claiborne, with no blank space, such as car 953 here; these were probably newer, replacement rolls.



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