Pictures 10-6, 10-7, and 10-8.

These pictures all look out from the corner of St. Charles/Royal and Canal Streets on June 10, 1947.  The Tulane Belt cars have just arrived at Canal Street from Carondelet, one block behind, and switched to the inner track for the trip to the loop at the foot of Canal.  In the top picture, car 406 is discharging a lady passenger at the front door.  To the left, we have a rare glimpse of a White bus on the Freret line.  Freret had been converted from streetcars to buses temporarily on Dec. 1, 1946, while trolley coach wires were built for its reconversion to TCs on Sept. 3, 1947.  The middle picture features Tulane car 802 and another 800-class car outbound on the Cemeteries or West End line.  The bottom picture shows the motorman of car 807 intent on his departing passengers.  Notice the light but mostly not-casual summer dress of the shoppers in these pictures. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos




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