Pictures 10-9 through 10-13.

These June 10, 1947 pictures show St. Charles Belt cars at the University Place intersection with Canal Street, on the outer track.  Since March, St. Charles cars have approached Canal from Tulane Ave. via S. Liberty Street.  They will continue one more block on Canal and then turn into Baronne St. for the trip up to Howard Ave., which they will then follow to Lee Circle and St. Charles Ave.

The top picture features car 435 at the left, with a glimpse of another 400-class car on the Tulane Belt at the right behind the elegant hat of the suited gentleman. 


In the second picture, the motorman is ready to take car 403 across the intersection, while in the distance, two other cars proceed along the inner tracks.


We see car 440 in the third picture, along with cars in the distance on the inner tracks.


The fourth picture stars car 443, with Tulane Belt car 808 outbound at the right, and Cemeteries or West End car 826 inbound in the middle.


The bottom picture shows car 878 working the St. Charles Belt, apparently a tripper run out of Canal Station, while car 822 is inbound on the West End line. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos


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