Pictures 10-15, 10-15.5, 10-16, and 10-17.

In April 1946, Tulane Belt car 813 is outbound from Canal Street to Tulane Ave. via Loyola Street (now named Saratoga) ready to turn right into Tulane.  In the second picture, Tulane Belt car 806 is outbound on Tulane Ave. at S. Liberty St., having just turned in to Tulane Ave. one block back, December 8, 1950.  In the third photo, Tulane Belt car 801 is outbound at S. Prieur St., the same day.  The fourth picture features St. Charles Belt car 818 inbound on Tulane Ave. at S. Tonti St., January 25, 1950.  The building behind car 818 still stands in 2020.  The buildings in the second and third pictures have long since been replaced, including the steepled church. Otto Goessl photos (second, third, and fourth photos)

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