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The neutral ground on Tulane Ave. was none too wide for the car line.  Here are two views of Tulane Ave., just out from S. Broad St. on June 10, 1947.  The building at the left is the Criminal Courts Building.  Notice how the span wires are mounted to poles near the outer curbs of the street, rather than on poles mounted on the neutral ground, as was the practice on wider streets such as St. Charles, Carrollton, and Canal.  When Tulane Ave. was converted to buses and trolley coaches, and the rails removed, the neutral ground was reduced to nothing more than a narrow strip separating the inbound and outbound roadways.  The upper picture shows the conductor's back as he leans against the window of car 441.  The lower picture features car 813 as the conductor and some of the passengers look back wondering what that silly photographer is up to. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos

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