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Here are five pictures of St. Charles Belt cars inbound toward Canal Street on Tulane Ave. at S. Broad St., the top four all taken June 10, 1947.  In the top picture, car 857 is displaying a Car House sign, which indicates that this is its last trip for the day.  From the car number, we know that this car was operated out of Canal Station, even though most St. Charles and Tulane Belt cars operated out of Carrollton Station car barn.  If this is correct, the car will probably turn left at S. Dorgenois Street, one block ahead, to proceed over to Canal Street and the Canal Station car barn.  The second picture features car 431 stopped for the traffic light at S. Broad St.  In the third picture, car 400 is loading passengers at the same car stop.  Note the unusual Car Stop sign seen in this picture.  The fourth picture, featuring car 434, is also at S. Broad St., but facing in the opposite direction from the other three photos.  Note again how close the tracks are to each other, and how narrow the neutral ground is compared to St. Charles Ave. or Carrollton Ave.  The bottom photo shows a side view of car 440, with the Criminal Courts Building in the background. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos (top four)






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