Pictures 10-28 and 10-29.

In the upper photo, car 832 is about ready to leave Carrollton Station as run X3 on the Tulane Belt line for service to the New Orleans Pelicans baseball park on S. Carrollton just off Tulane Avenue, May 5, 1949.  There were sidings on S. Carrollton at the ball park where extra-run cars could lay over during a ball game to quickly service crowds at game's end.  The shadows suggest a time around noon, so the car is probably intended to make a trip to Canal Street then out Tulane Avenue to the ball park for an afternoon game, then to lay over until game end and take a crowd of fans home down S. Carrollton and St. Charles Avenues.  The lower photo features car 864 serving Tulane Belt, paused at Pelican Stadium just after turning onto S. Carrollton from Tulane Ave., Decmber 8, 1950.  But it's probably not on a ball park extra run; December seems the wrong time of year. Otto Goessl photos



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