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Here are a few photos of the temporary terminal on S. Carrollton at Dixon Street.  In the first picture, St. Charles cars 840 and 850 are at the terminal, probably shortly after January 8, 1951.  At the right edge of the photo, in the background, we can see the old arch that once stood above the bridge over the New Basin Canal.  The motorman is holding the switch iron, with which he probably has just set the track switch in front of the car (or is just about to do so).  As seen here, one of these tools hung from a hook on one end of each car, with the lower end tucked behind a small clip on the anticlimber.  Note the two girls mugging the camera from the windows of car 840, at the left.  The second picture features car 846 at the temporary terminal on January 14, 1951.  In the right background, we can again see the bridge arch in the distance.  The crew of 846 has changed ends, and the car is ready to load passengers and proceed toward the river.  The third photo was taken January 27, 1951, and shows cars 850 and 844 ready to proceed in on S. Carrollton Avenue toward the river.  The conductor of 844 is standing outside the rear door of his car, where he can board and load passengers when any come by.  Note the unique Car Stop sign.  The bottom picture, taken in March 1951, shows car 857, run no. 27, which has just arrived at the terminal, and 858, run no. 26, which appears to be ready to leave on its next trip in on Carrollton.  The motorman of 858 is alert at his controls, ready to notch up his controller.  The crew of 857 has both trolley poles up as they change ends and prepare to pull down the pole at what will be the leading end of their car. D. R. Toye, S. J., Kenner Train Shop (Chris Rodriguez) collection, courtesy of Mike Palmieri (top photo); F. J. Bechtel (second); Otto Goessl (fourth)





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