Picture 11-3.

Car 1003 at the uptown terminal of the St. Claude line, on N. Rampart St. at Canal, June 10, 1947.  The motorman is changing ends, pulling down the trolley pole at what will be the front end of the car, prior to beginning the next outbound run down N. Rampart and St. Claude Ave. to the American Sugar Refinery.  Note the shelter for St. Claude patrons, sticking out into the traffic lanes of N. Rampart St., a unique feature on Canal Street, but a very handy one with the frequent rains found in New Orleans. Fred Victor DuBrutz photo

The entire 20-car fleet of 1000s was usually assigned to the St. Claude line, because it was the only line for which there were enough of these cars to provide base service.  Because of their higher speeds, they did not mix well with the somewhat slower cars of the 400, 800, and 900 classes, although 800s were used as necessary for tripper runs on St. Claude.  The 1000s were also used in some owl services, where their higher speeds could be utilized effectively.  St. Claude was converted to trolley coaches January 1, 1949, and the entire 1000 class was retired and scrapped.


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