Pictures 11-4, 11-5, 11-6 and 11-6.1.

Perley Thomas cars 1001 and 1003, and St. Louis cars 1010 and 1016, at the St. Claude terminal on N. Rampart at Canal, the same location as Pictures 11-2, 11-2.5, and 11-3.  The cars have yet to pull up to the stub end and change ends for their next downbound runs.  The photographers are standing on the lake side of Rampart, looking in toward the river.  Note the distinctive building in the left background of each picture, the New Orleans Athletic Club.  The picture of car 1001 (top picture) is dated October 3, 1943.  The second picture, showing car 1010, is dated June 10, 1947.  In the picture of car 1003 (third picture), dated only about a month later than the second (July 18, 1947), we see construction beyond the car; the building in the right background of the first two pictures has been demolished, and a new building is being put up on the site.  The fourth picture, featuring car 1016, is dated November 23, 1947, and shows partially opened front doors as the passengers prepare to alight.  The construction project is obviously still ongoing. Fred Victor DuBrutz photo (second picture)





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