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Car 970 was not scrapped with the 1000s when St. Claude was converted to buses on January 1, 1949, but it did not survive much longer.  The car was retired after an August 1949 collision with a line car, the first 900 class car to leave the active roster.  It was gradually cannibalized for parts until final scrapping in 1952.  The top picture of 970 was taken in Canal Station yard.  The panel on the front appears to be caved in around the headlight, but the damage does not appear to be particularly extensive.  However, since it was the only one of its kind, NOPSI may have had no incentive to putting money into its repair.  Note the work car, probably car 29, behind the 970.  The far trolley pole of 970 is up, but for some reason, it is off the wire.  The second and third photos show 970 from both ends in March 1951 on the third track in Canal Street, in front of Canal Station, awaiting a crew to take it to the scrap yard, probably in Napoleon Yard.  The car has already lost some parts, including at least one set of doors.  The damage to the front panel is seen in the middle picture.  In the bottom picture, car 897 is lined up behind the 970, apparently also on its way to the scrap yard. Otto Goessl photos




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