Pictures 11-39 through 11-42.

Four views of the right-of-way of the St. Claude line on August 6, 1950, after streetcar service had been abandoned.  The replacement trolley bus service had a different route than the streetcar on the part of the line east (downriver) from the Industrial Canal.  Where the streetcar had used tracks in some of the streets between St. Claude Ave. and the river, the trolley coach stayed on St. Claude Ave. across the parish line between Orleans Parish and St. Bernard Parish, then ran down to the river on Friscoville Ave. (returning on Mehle Ave.), terminating at the sugar refinery just as the streetcar had done.  Part of the streetcar line had been on private right-of-way, where no public street existed.

In the first photo, we are looking downriver in far eastern Orleans Parish, at a point where there is no street.  The streetcar track had been almost at the top of the levee, along the path in the left center of the picture.  The second photo shows where the streetcar had come off the levee into N. Peters Street, crossing the parish line.  The street leading off to our left is Angela Avenue, just inside St. Bernard.  There is some track remaining in N. Peters, but no trolley wires, as the trolley bus line did not use this part of the street.  Compare Pictures 11-24 and 11-25.  The third photo shows N. Peters St. looking upriver in the Riverview area, between Mehle and Friscoville, with the levee to our left.  The tracks in the street have not yet been removed, but the streetcar trolley wire is gone, with a single pair of trolley bus wires installed instead, because only the inbound runs used this part of N. Peters.  The last picture shows the approach to the sugar refinery in the Chalmette area, where we again see abandoned tracks, here with double trolley bus overhead twin wires for operation in both directions. Otto A. Goessl photos





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