Picture 11.5-5.

After turning off of Canal Street, Gentilly and Desire cars proceeded downbound on Bourbon Street.  Tracks in the Vieux Carré were laid down the middle of the narrow streets, as seen here, with parking on both sides of the street.  When parking, motorists were supposed to be careful not to block the tracks.  Note how larger trucks, such as the one in the left foreground, had to park partly over the curb in order to clear the tracks.  In this view of car 832 trying to work its way down Bourbon Street, it appears that the streetcar has stopped with automobile traffic stuck behind it for an auto whose right front fender did not clear the space the streetcar needed.  Traffic is tied up until the driver of that car can be found and required to move his automobile.  Incidentally, since the tracks were removed, the narrow Vieux Carré streets have been reduced to one parking lane on the right, and one traffic lane on the left. Collection of Earl Hampton


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