Pictures 12-5.4, 12-5.5, 12-5.6, and 12-5.7.

The billboards in these photos identify them as having been taken at the same place.  The top photo, with a Galvez bus in the cross street, identifies the location as the intersection of Galvez with either Desire or France Street.  It seems likely to have been France Street, where there was a passing track useful as the outer terminal of the line.  Car 860, with a full load of passengers probably heading home after work in the industrial area just a few blocks north, is just beginning its run to Canal Street, and seems to be exchanging passengers with White bus 1707.  The date is May 1948, only a few days before the demise of the line.  The second picture features cars 898 and 884.  There are no passengers aboard 898, but several are visible aboard trailing car 884.  The third picture shows car 847 at the same location, some time in 1948.  There is at least one person on the car, but is that the motorman taking his break?  The fourth photo is of car 878, apparently also at the same location.  Note the unpaved streets. Elliott Kahn photo, collection of J. G. Lachaussee (top photo)





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