Pictures 12-13 and 12-14.

After the Desire and Gentilly streetcar lines were closed in 1948, NOPSI's fleet of White buses served the lines on almost the exact same routes.  In the upper photo, we see bus 1723 serving the Desire line on Bourbon Street at Bienville, with Canal Street in the background, with the track and overhead wire still intact.  The photo is not dated, but could have been taken between May 30 and July 17, 1948, after close of the Desire streetcar line and before the close of Gentilly; it must be no later than a few months after July 17.  The second photo shows two of the White buses on Royal Street heading toward Canal, 1710 on the Desire line at St. Peter Street, and a sister a block or so back probably on Gentilly.  The track and overhead wire have been removed, and the streets patched.  Notice hanging over the street the bracket arms from which the trolley wire so recently had hung. New Orleans States (upper photo), both from the collection of Mike Strauch



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