Picture 13-2.

Orleans-Kenner car 7 leads a pair of the ex-Brooklyn trailers in a train chartered by the Dameron-Pierson Co., Ltd. for a “book binders” outing, some time between 1915 and 1918.  The train is seen on its terminal track in S. Rampart St., about ready to leave; it will turn right into Tulane Ave. to begin the trip out of the city.  The destination is not known, but was probably one of the parks along the line, such as Felix Park at Kenner, or the Jefferson Park Race Track near Shrewesbury.  Behind the train is the station and waiting rooms at 127 S. Rampart St.  (It's hard to make out, but on the building behind the train, and above the word “OUTING” on the sign on the side of the trailer car, is a sign with large letters “ORLEANS-KENNER”.)  There are four tracks on S. Rampart.  The O-K train is on the track farthest from the camera.  The two center tracks carried streetcar traffic.  The track closest to the camera provided a terminal for the Spanish Fort and West End line trains.  Incidentally, the Dameron-Pierson Co. is still in business today in the New Orleans area.


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