Pictures 14-1 through 14-3.

Here is a streetcar barn, most probably Poland Station, in the aftermath of the 1915 hurricane.  In the middle picture, the large car just left of center is a “Palace” car, showing a Dauphine route sign.  To the right of center is a badly damaged single truck car displaying a Levee & Barracks route sign.  These are both lines that would have been housed at Poland, located at the corner of Poland and St. Claude.  Compare to pictures of Poland before the hurricane, and the rebuilt station afterwards, in Hennick & Charlton, page 218.  There is no record that any “Palace” cars were scrapped as a result of this hurricane; in fact, all were renumbered just a few years later.  So no matter how badly damaged, they must all have been rebuilt.  Whether the damaged single truck cars were rebuilt is anyone's guess, though, since they were being phased out in the later 'teens and early twenties.

In the bottom picture, we have a partial view of two similar streetcars with wide, arched windows, a very unusual window type for New Orleans.  Louis Hennick has identified these cars as part of an Orleans RR 1898 order of cars from St. Louis Car Co., numbers 33-38.  These were built as “wireside” cars, a form of summer car having wire netting and weather shades at the windows.




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