Pictures 15-1, 15-2, and 15-3.

About 7:00 a.m. on July 5, the company attempted to resume service using imported strike breakers, resulting in rioting.  The first car, “Palace” car 696, with strike breakers and police inside, was immediately bombarded with stones and paving bricks, shattering many of its windows.  The car managed to make one run and returned.  These pictures show car 696 being menaced by strikers and their sympathizers, with union people throwing stones at the streetcar.  As the car tried to begin its second run, the situation escalated, when the strike breakers and police within and near the streetcar began shooting into the crowd; note the plume of gun smoke coming from the car windows in the top photo.  Two men were reported wounded; one of them died.  The car went back into the barn.  (The upper photo is dated July 6, 1929, and the bottom photo carries a backstamp dated July 13, 1929, but all three were most probably taken July 5.  The original of the bottom photo was marked by some editor long ago, having lines drawn and some features darkened with ink, such as the pole in front of the streetcar.  We have edited the picture to remove as much as of these lines as possible, but a few remnants remain.) — World Wide Photo, collection of Scott Longon (top); World Wide Photo, collection of the author (middle); N. E. A., collection of the author (bottom)




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