Pictures 15-11 and 15-12.

Newspaper wire service photos of strikers and their women sympathizers.  In the upper picture, a striker is being arrested on the accusation of attacking strike breakers and attempting to wreck streetcars.  It was reported that there were over 300 such arrests on July 5.  In the lower photo, a bemused striker is coaching some women, probably wives and relatives of striking carmen, in throwing stones.  Many of these determined women are carrying umbrellas, perhaps as much for the hot July sun as for possible rain.  Note the well-dressed flapper standing at the rear of the group with an amused expression and a half-hearted throwing gesture.  She seems to think it is all a lark, but the others seem deadly serious.  Frame lines on the original photo show that the editor who published this photo cropped her out. N. E. A. photos, collection of the author



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