Picture 16-6.

Theoretically, this photo might have been possible in the last couple of years of the Napoleon line, as a Napoleon car headed to its route from Carrollton Station via Carrollton, S. Claiborne, to Napoleon.  The car is on Carrollton Ave. at the Carrollton-Claiborne terminal of the St. Charles line; Palmer Park is seen in the background.  However, the photographer is about six years too late, as the photo is dated December 12, 1959, and the Napoleon line had been converted to buses February 18, 1953.  Also, the car displays run number 21; in its later years, there surely were far fewer than 21 cars on the line at any given time.  In its peak days, Napoleon was the longest line in the system, but at the end in 1953, it was the shortest.


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