Pictures 16-7 and 16-8.

The upper photo shows car 928 on a lead track into the storage yard at Canal Station, signed St. Claude and Dauphine, taken in the early 1950s.  Neither route sign is plausible, much less the combination of the two.  The St. Claude line was served by the 1000 class cars, plus oddball car 970, but rarely if ever saw any other 900s on its tracks.  Dauphine was a predecessor of the St. Claude line, which was rerouted and renamed to St. Claude in 1926.


The lower photo features car 934 in a similar location, signed West End with a Ball park destination, also taken in the early 1950s.  However, the West End line was closed January 15, 1950.  A Ball Park destination would have been used on Tulane/St. Charles Belt cars, referring to Pelican Stadium on that line, but does not seem credible on the West End line.


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