Picture 17-1.

The companies owned streetcars fitted out as tower cars, for work on the overhead wire system.  But tower wagons that were not on rails had the distinct advantage of being able to move out of the way when streetcars had to pass by them.  Here is emergency tower wagon no. 2 of the New Orleans City R. R. Co. at the terminal area at the foot of Canal Street, some time between 1899 and 1904, as the motorman and conductor of car 510 look on from the platforms of their car.  The 510 is one of the double truck cars built by American Car Co. to Barney & Smith design in 1898.  It was usually assigned to pull a train of trailers on the West End Line, but that line did not usually come to the foot of Canal, so the car may be in use as a single streetcar.  At left on the outer track is FB&D car 207, one of the standard gauge cars 160-229 built by American in 1899 for the New Orleans & Carrollton.  Of the three other single truck cars in view, the one to the right is one of the “Esplanade” cars, numbers 260-277, built in 1900 by St. Louis Car Co., and the other two are 20' Brills built between 1893 and 1895 for New Orleans City R. R. — Teunisson Photo, collection of Eugene Groves


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