Pictures 17-4, 17-5, 17-5.5, 17-6, 17-6.5, and 17-7.

NOPSI owned several side-dump cars, half motored (cars 050-053) and half trailers (cars 030-033), built in 1923.  There was also a pair of center dump cars, motor 054 and trailer 034, built in 1924.  By the early 1950s, trucks were in service for all the purposes for which these dump cars had been used.  The last of them were scrapped in January 1953.  Note the rust on the bottom edge of the dash panel at the left in the top picture of motor side-dump car 052, taken August 14, 1949.  The second photo, from April 19, 1947, is also of car 052, with another car of the group (possibly 054) in the background at the right.  The third, fourth, and fifth pictures feature the center-dump motor car, 054, at Napoleon Yard.  The third photo is not dated, but is probably from the late 1940s.  The fourth picture was taken on October 16, 1946, and the fifth photo on April 1, 1950.  The sixth photo was taken March 18, 1949 at Arabella Station.  It is similar to, but different from, the fifth photo.  The fifth and sixth pictures give us glimpses of the nose of another car coupled to 054, probably its trailer, 034.  At our right in the fifth picture, we also see a passenger car partially stripped; its window frames and sashes, and apparently other parts, are gone. Elliott Kahn photos, collection of J. G. Lachaussee (second and fourth photos); Otto Goessl photo (fifth)







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