Pictures 17-11 and 17-12.

These two photos show part of the storage yard at Napoleon Yard with several lines of 900-class streetcars awaiting the call to service on the S. Claiborne and Napoleon lines, February 5, 1950.  They appear to be the same scene, from different points of view.  The cars at the head of the lines are, left to right: an anonymous flat car, then 954, 949, 968, and 948.  (949 is out of sight in the upper photo.)  We know this is not a scrap line, for two reasons: first, no undamaged 900-class cars were scrapped until 1961; and second, cars 954, 968, and 948 are still running today on the St. Charles line.  (Car 949 was scrapped in 1964 when the Canal line was convereted to bus.)  The track in the foreground of the upper photo is the lead track at the main entrance into the yard, connecting to the track on Napoleon Ave. at the terminal of the Napoleon car line.  Photographer Goessl noted that the lower photo was taken “from [the] crane”, i.e., the Brown Hoist (see Picture 17-10). Otto Goessl photos

For a related photo, see Picture 9-12.5.



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