Pictures 19-1, 19-2, 19-2.5, 19-3, 19-4, and 19-4.5.

This is the former interurban freight car, built by Brill in 1915.  It saw service on the Toledo & Western as number 80, and later on the Toledo & Indiana as number 54.  It came to Gaylord in October 1939.  One side of the car was removed so that materials, such as huge rolls of paper, could be quickly loaded and unloaded.  We see a partial view of the open side and the big rolls of paper in the fifth and sixth pictures.  The third photo features a glimpse of a man on the roof, close to the near end of the car, apparently working on the roof; the original photo bears the notation “Being Re-roofed”.  The adjacent dock features stacks of baled scrap paper.  There is a tank car on the track behind the trolley.  Note the wiring or perhaps piping draped around the exterior of the car: probably some kind of repair made cheaply, with no consideration for esthetics in this purely industrial context.  The first photo is dated 1960.  The fourth was taken in 1960 or very early 1961.  The slide mount of the fifth photo is stamped January 1961, and the sixth is stamped September 1962, so they were probably taken not long before those dates.  The second and third are undated, but are probably from about the same time. Collection of Jerry Squier, courtesy of Scott Richards (second)







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