Pictures 20A-2, 20A-3, and 20A-4.

Hat badges worn by NOPSI operating personnel: motormen, conductors, and bus operators.  Badge 239 is an example of the first badges issued by NOPSI in 1922.  It measures about 2½ by 2¼ inches, and is made of nickel-plated copper.  In the late 1930s, NOPSI began issuing badges like number 1004.  It measures about 2½ by 2 inches, and is stamped in aluminum.  Pictures are known dated during WW II showing both types of badges, so there must have been an overlap in their usage.  The aluminum badges are believed to have been in use up until the late 1960s.  Badges of the type of number 1484 are known in pictures in periodicals published in the early 1950s, along with the nickel-plated copper badges.  So it appears that NOPSI continued to use the older types, while supplementing them with this third type.  More precise information from knowledgeable readers would be most welcome.




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