Picture 20B-1.

Beginning in 1892, the New Orleans Traction Co. operated the lines of the old New Orleans City RR, known since 1883 as the New Orleans City and Lake RR, and of the Crescent City RR.  In 1899, these two companies merged into a second New Orleans City RR.  Uniform buttons of this type are known marked New Orleans City & Lake R. R., Crescent City R. R., and New Orleans City R. R., with job titles Conductor and the unusual variation Motorneer.  Presumably, the Motorneer buttons came into use in the middle 1890s, when these lines began to electrify.  This very worn button must have been appropriate for no more than about four years, but it appears to have remained in use considerably longer.  VanCourt catalog number 52/13.


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