Pictures 20C-1 through 20C-17

Service pins awarded by NOPSI to employees for various lengths of service.  The first pin does not indicate the length of service for which it was awarded.  The 5, 10, and 15 year white metal pins, and the 20 year pin, were all awarded to one single employee.  The 30, 35, 40, 45, and 49 year pins were all awarded to another single employee.  The jewels correspond to the number of years of service: none for 25 years, 1 diamond for 30 years, 1 diamond and 1 ruby for 35, 1 diamond and 2 rubies for 40, 2 diamonds for 45.  The 32 and 49 year pins have the same jewels as the next lower multiple-of-5 pins; probably they were one of a kind, struck when a long-time employee retired.  The second 30 and 35 year pins, and the 32 and 49 year pins, appear to be somewhat newer than the others; for one thing, they are fitted out in back with modern clutches rather than screw posts, and for another, they lack the enamel work in the background of the number panel.  The actual width of the word NOPSI on each pin is about one-half inch.  The letters on the first six pins are a bit taller than those on the gold-colored pins.

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