Picture 21A-2.

This is a ticket of the first New Orleans City RR.  The company began horsecar service in 1861, when J. B. Slawson was president, as seen on the face of the ticket.  Slawson had invented a farebox system used on his omnibus lines in the 1850s, which was widely used on horsecars in New Orleans and in other cities.  He left New Orleans later in 1861 to join the Stephenson Car Co.  The ticket is inscribed, “RECD. 5 CTS. ENTITLING BEARER TO ONE RIDE ON N. O. C. R. R. CARS.”  The reverse of the ticket includes an excellent woodcut of a white mule pulling a six-window bob-tail horsecar having a tiny Bombay roof. — Collections of Louis Hennick and of the author

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