Picture 21A-3.

The reverse of this ticket from the New Orleans & Carrollton RR is inscribed “Good for one five cent fare”.  The ticket is torn from a booklet; the number 9 may be its position in the booklet.  Such tickets were supposed to be removed only by the conductor at the time used to pay a fare.  The point was that the tickets in the booklet were supposed to be used by only one person.  This also served to discourage counterfeiting of the tickets.  The woodcut on the face of the ticket is a wonderfully detailed view of a six-window Stephenson bob-tail car, complete with a tiny Bombay roof for ventilation and the inscription “N. O. & C. R. R. CO.” on the lower side panel.  The company put cars of this type into service in 1868, so the ticket probably dates from about that time. — Collection of Louis Hennick


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