Picture 21A-4.

This is a sheet of New Orleans & Carrollton “commutation tickets” which were good for multiple trips between Carrollton and Tivoli Circle (Lee Circle) in New Orleans.  The reverse side is blank.  The tickets are not dated.  It appears that these were intended to be sold in vertical strips of three.  Apparently, the tickets were to be separated by scissors, as no perforations are provided.  The price stated on the tickets is “25 numbers $3” (12˘ a ride).  The top two tickets in each column have numbers 1 through 8 around the margins, while the bottom ticket in each column has the numbers 1 through 9, for a total of 25 in each column of three tickets.  In use, the passenger was expected to present a ticket to the “collector”, who would punch out one number to indicate a ride taken.  According to a NO&C timetable published in the Daily Picayune February 4, 1863, and reprinted in Hennick & Charlton's book (p. 12), the normal cash fare at that time on the steam train for a through ride between Carrollton and Tivoli Circle was 15˘.  The same timetable quotes a price of $2 for “half tickets, good for 25 rides for slaves and young children”. — Collection of Louis Hennick


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